HELM Construction Solutions provides a range of innovative services for builders, designers and owners to help your business and your projects run smoothly and efficiently. We are committed to high performance and sustainable building practices that are not only right for the environment, but result in more durable buildings, better indoor air quality, comfort and a significant reduction in the operating costs of your home or business.

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We’re here to help support your business in whatever way you need, by offering expertise in business planning, accounting, estimating, job costing, project management, hiring, technology, software, and marketing that is specific to the high performance design and construction industry and the small business world. We encourage a triple bottom line approach to business sustainability where People, the Planet and Profit are all valued.


We'll work with you in the early phases of your residential, commercial or institutional project to assist with permitting, budgeting and scheduling. We can recommend qualified designers, builders and subcontractors to build your project team. We implement systems of accountability and utilize state of the art software to ensure that projects are on time, on budget, according to plan and that the process of building your dream is as enjoyable as the end product.



We are proponents of the Integrated Project Delivery method, which brings the key members of the team together early and often to weigh in on the process. We'll work with you and your client to generate a detailed pre-construction schedule with targeted milestones while helping to interject cost estimating into the design phase. We are there to help set the team and project up for success. We also offer business consulting services specific to architects and design-build firms.