General Contractors & Design Professionals

“HELM Construction Solutions dove right in to become committed members of our team. Beginning with an overhaul of our estimating system, HELM brought our business to a whole new level. Their expertise frees us up to do what we do best; building. Mel’s meticulous systems, their communication and good-natured attitude have made a real difference with our projects. Kate jumped in to help us launch a marketing strategy and built our business a stunning new website. We plan on working with HELM Construction Solutions for years to come.”

-Gabriel Hulme, Principal, Mathes Hulme Builders (Brattleboro, VT)

"Working with HELM Construction Solutions is simply one of the best business decisions our growing design/build company has ever made. Mel and Kate meet us where we are in our business development and work with us in a custom-fit way, yet firmly guides us with years of expert experience to grow in ways we need to be successful. I could not recommend HELM Construction Solutions more highly."

-Ace McArleton, Co-owner, New Frameworks Natural Design Build (Winooski , VT)

"HELM Construction Solutions are a welcome and needed resource for myself as an architect and the builders I work with. They bring us all up several notches professionally by doing what we generally don’t want to do or don’t do well. With HELM running the management aspect of things, I can focus more on doing what I do best."

-Robert Swinburne, Bluetime Collaborative-Vermont Architect (Brattleboro, VT)

"Maine Passive House has hired HELM Construction Solutions to help with numerous tasks. It is without a doubt some of the best money we have spent. Kate, Mel and the entire team at HELM are very efficient, diligent and hold us accountable so we implement the changes we seek and create a better and stronger company. Having almost all of our meetings online, with screen and file sharing, means we can work with HELM from our own office, which is a must since we're out of state. They are available to answer questions that pop up during the day so we don't get stuck in a rut. Their billing is timely and accurate. HELM has taught us to use new software programs and apps for estimating, scheduling, time-tracking and bookkeeping. Integrating these programs, and now job cost tracking on all projects, has helped Maine Passive House become more profitable, more deliberate and an overall much more organized company. As a result, we can give our employees and our clients a better experience. HELM has a strong sense of ethics and responsibility and they are extremely organized and pleasant to work with. I recommend them without hesitation."

-Jesper Kruse, Principal, Maine Passive House (Greenwood, ME)

"HELM Construction Solutions is an invaluable resource to our company. Both Mel and Kate bring a high level of professionalism and experience to the table, providing our clients with excellent project management while allowing us to focus on the challenges of high performance construction. We have been able to accomplish much more as an integrated team that we ever could alone. I highly recommend them to both building professionals and homeowners alike"

-Chad Mathrani, Principal, Vermont Natural Homes (Brattleboro, VT)   

"Working with HELM feels like someone walking into your business and turning the light on. Even at times when I wasn't sure which were the right questions to ask, Kate was able to guide our meetings towards results- a better grasp on what information we needed to make good decisions, a better understanding of norms in our industry, a sense of where we wanted to take our business. As a result of working with HELM, we're getting better and faster at estimating, our financial reports are becoming useful documents for us to make decisions by, and in the long run, I think we'll be spending less time starting at spreadsheets (scratching our heads) and more time making beautiful things. Kate was clear, professional, and available, and comes highly recommended."

Shannon McIntyre, Co-Owner, TimberHomes LLC (Verrshire, VT and Montpelier, VT)

"As a builder, I devote a lot of time to learning my trade. Staying current with new techniques, products, high performance building enclosures and equipment doesn't leave a lot of extra time to improve on how to run a business. That's where HELM Construction Solutions comes in. Kate and Mel helped me set clear goals for the future of my business; from getting set up on QuickBooks, to building a beautiful new website to showcase my work, to estimating and project management support. Kate and Mel's guidance and expertise is an essential part of my business' growth. Who knew digging into the business-end could be fun? These two make it so. I wish I'd found HELM ten years ago!"

Dylan Kinsey, Owner, Kinsey Construction LLC (South Albany, VT)

"I’ve worked with Kate of HELM for many years, and I simply can’t recommend her highly enough. Kate has a comprehensive understanding of all of the operational needs of small businesses and organizations. Kate quickly grasped what our “back-end” required, then worked with me to create our budgets, set up our databases, and lay the foundation for all of our operations. I love Kate’s communication style – it’s straightforward, clear, and confident. In fact, these are the qualities she brings to all of the work she does. I often feel like Kate is the calm amid the storm, and I am grateful that she is always available to help me make decisions with her trademark thoughtful confidence."

-Katrina Spade, Executive Director, Urban Death Project (Seattle, WA)

“As a general contractor in the Brattleboro area there is no other resource that I value more than HELM Construction Solutions. I have complete confidence in their ability to estimate, schedule and manage any of the projects that I ask them to help me with. HELM is knowledgeable in the trades, efficient in their work, honest and caring and has the ability to communicate with clients in a way that evokes their trust. I highly recommend their services, to other professionals and to home owners who would consider contracting their own project if they had somebody to guide them through the process.”

-Fred Sommariva, Owner, FS Carpentry (Brattleboro, VT)


Home & Business Owners & Institutions

“Working with Kate Stephenson and HELM has been an incredibly worthwhile investment. Simply put, we could not have accomplished what we have without HELM’s services and expertise. Kate is highly efficient, knowledgeable and organized. From the permitting process to the construction management phase, she was adept at keeping our facilities committee on task and communicating with the myriad players involved in a major construction project. I couldn’t recommend HELM more highly!"

-Chip Darmstadt, Executive Director, North Branch Nature Center (Montpelier, VT)

"I am a current client of HELM's. There are hundreds of details that need to be tracked and tens of independent actors whose efforts have to be coordinated to make the project work-HELM handles it all with expertise and care. HELM also heads off problems in advance through careful management and planning. Meetings are always well organized, and HELM always follows up with notes that memorialize decisions so that there are no misunderstandings. In short, HELM is indispensable to every aspect of the project, and it would be impossible to imagine undertaking it without them."

-Oona A. Hathaway, Professor of International Law, Yale Law School (New Haven, CT)

“HELM Construction Solutions is - in a word - phenomenal. In a commercial build-out of Little City Baking Company in Brattleboro, Vermont, they did everything I wish I had time to do, even better than I could do it myself. The peace of mind gained in hiring HELM is worth every penny, many times over. They are organized, knowledgeable, and personable, with personalities that garner confidence and calm from the entire team working on the project. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to bring HELM on to manage this commercial project, which came in on time and on budget. Thank you HELM!”

-Danielle Bochneak, Owner, Little City Baking Co. (Brattleboro, VT)

“Mel Baiser of HELM Construction Solutions is a delight to work with: she's knowledgeable and organized and thinks of everything, from the large issues of minimizing disruption down to the smallest details of finish work. Best of all, Mel is a great communicator; she always returns emails and phone calls promptly, explains choices clearly, and is willing to find answers to any question. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

-Deborah Lee Luskin, Homeowner & Author (Williamsville, VT)

“We had the privilege of working with Mel during the critical initial stage of design and costing on our new home. Mel was a pleasure to work with, very personable and easy to talk to. She has extensive knowledge of the complete building process from initial concept to finished structure. Additionally, she was always available to answer questions and to be a sounding board for our many ‘good ideas’. She was most helpful to us by listening to what our vision of the house was, and expertly explaining the associated costs and offering more practical and lower cost options. In the future if we require additions or remodeling, we will call HELM.”

-Mark & Kathy Terry, Homeowners (Westmoreland, NH)

“As an innkeeper, the kitchen is an integral component of my business. In order to accomplish its renovation, it was essential for me to close down, and of course, that certainly necessitated the job being finalized in a timely fashion. HELM Construction Solutions, acting as liaison between the contractor and me, ensured that the job was done on time and within budget. HELM worked tirelessly to guarantee that my particular needs were addressed. Their knowledge of the industry is second to none, and they are true professionals.”

 -Rhonda Calhoun, Owner, Forty Putney B&B (Brattleboro, VT)