Construction Business Basics: Building a Triple Bottom Line Business

Coming up September 20th from 1-4pm in Newton, MA at the Studio for High Performance Design and Construction, HELM will be offering a 3 hour workshop on Construction Business Basics. This is a great intro to the idea of the Triple Bottom Line for anyone in the construction industry- contractors, trade subs, designers and associated businesses. Cost is $149.00 Register here.

What does it mean to run a sustainable business? Is your company making a profit? Are your employees and clients happy? Do you have a good work/life balance? Is your business doing its part to fight climate change? Are you active in your community? This workshop will cover what it means to have a triple bottom line business, touching on how our businesses can address the 3Ps of People, Profit and Planet.

1:00-1:30         Welcome & Context

• Introductions
• Agenda review
• What is a triple bottom line business?
• What are the challenges we face as business owners related to People, Profit and Planet?

1:30-2:00         Planet

• Selling high performance
• Integrated design process is key to high performance
• What are we tracking and why? EUI, ACH50, carbon footprint
• Sustainable vs. natural vs. high performance
• How do we explain what we do to homeowners?
• Embodied energy

2:00-3:00         Profit

• Start with financial sustainability
• What is Gross Profit Margin (GPM) and how to calculate it
• Intro to P&L statement
• Developing an operating budget
• From operating budget to defining GPM to determining markups
• Estimating tips

3:00-3:30         People

• Finding the right people – employees / HR
• Finding the right people – clients / Sales and Marketing
• Personal sustainability – workload, delegating, building on your strengths

3:30-4:00        Wrap up, Q&A, additional resources & follow-up

INSTRUCTOR: Kate Stephenson